Team | ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management
ULTUMUS specialises in the distribution of ETF & INDEX composition
data using market-leading technology.
ULTUMUS capture, normalise and distribute 'near real time' global daily ETF and INDEX composition data across the market today - reducing risk and offering key uplift in:
PERFORMANCE --- Technology Advance
FLEXIBILITY --- Bespoke API / Innovation
DEPTH / HISTORY --- Enhanced Data Points / Versioning
QUALITY FLAGS --- Validation Warnings
ECONOMIC --- Validation / Failover / Cost Leverage
The new ULTUMUS platform, delivers a seamless data solution to meet our client’s global ETF and Index data needs
ULTUMUS specialises in identifying and capturing composition delta
through market-leading expertise and technology


Meet the people behind the platform.
Bernie Thurston | CEO

Bernie is an industry veteran, with over 20 years’ experience and a proven track record in delivering solutions for the ETF and Index data and management space. He has been responsible for delivering two previous iterations of index and ETF aggregation service platforms at IHS Markit and DeltaOne Solutions, the latter sold to Markit as part of a $200m transaction in 2015.

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management
Jon Parsons | COO

Jon has more than 25 years’ experience within the investment banking space in front office equity trading and operations management’ He has specialized in implementing the technological delivery of specialist tools for ETF market making, listed derivatives trading and in managing delta one exposure, culminating in his previous role as Global Head of Delta One Technology for Credit Suisse.

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management
Giles Sarton | Head of Business Development

Giles has more than 20 years’ experience within the technology and data sales space having led and developed highly effective sales-teams in new technology solutions from inception through to wide market adoption. He has worked extensively with investment banks , ETF trading desks and is recognised as being a strong client advocate.

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management
ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management
Doug Varney | Development Lead - Reference Data Team

​Doug has 20 years of experience across the finance front office arena, delivering full stack in-house solutions from design to implementation. Specific exposure to delta one technology, pricing, trading platforms, corporate actions processing, market data applications and market clearing engines. Prior roles at Credit Suisse, Nomura and Lehman

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management
John Donnelly | Development Lead - Index Team

John has 17+ years of experience in the delta one arena, providing full stack technical capabilities and end to end product delivery, from conception and design through to implementation. Proven track record in turning the client trader requirement into practical and innovative solutions. Prior roles at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Lehman.

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management
Mehmet Kaymaklioglu | Development Lead - ETF Team

​Mehmet has 15+ years in the delta one arena, developing multiple algorithmic trading & pricing models for delta one desk, focusing on ETFs and indices, including ETF proxy pricing models, automated RFQ (request for quote) processing and ETF/futures market making platform design. Prior roles at Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse.

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management
Mark Frost | Development Lead - Infrastructure

30yrs experience across defence & finance industries with hands-on technical leadership roles, covering all aspects of systems infrastructure design and development across a wide range of platforms & technologies. Prior roles at Markit & DeltaOne Solutions and Goldman Sachs

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management
Matthew Clarke | Senior Analyst

​Background in pharmaceutical, index and ETF financial data has built a strong combination of analytical skills and capabilities for application in business and academic contexts. Demonstrates strong client focus combined with a proven commitment to the achievement of targets and project objectives. Prior roles at Markit & DeltaOne Solutions

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management
Scott Redstone | US Distributor

Thirty-five years of experience in sell-side and buy-side data management and acquisition - from fixed income to equity to indices and ETFs. Global management experience with several top tier banks: DBL, Morgan Stanley, UBS and Merrill Lynch. Led data acquisition for BofA's former Prop and Algo trading group. Headed Market, Loan and Credit Risk Tech for CBFB in Zürich. Consultant to Thomson Reuters leading integration of Index and ETF constituent data and distribution across the TR platform. Active member of Index Forum.


In an industry mired in conformity the ULTUMUS team is drawn together by a common set of core values
COMMUNICATION in an honest, accurate and timely basis.
DRIVE to address the market challenges and exceed our clients expectations.
INCLUSIVENESS is key to keeping us at the top of our game and ahead of the competition.

  ULTUMUS the global service provider is a dynamic & progressive work place where everyone gets the opportunity to fulfil their potential. If you have experience in the financial data space / JAVA development expertise, please feel free to send us your CV or LinkedIn profile, we are always keen to discover new talent.  

ULTUMUS Product Range

Measure Seven Times, Cut Once ~ Russian Proverb

The ULTUMUS platform is built around five core components.
ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management

ETF EDGE provides a single source of composition data for global exchange traded funds (ETFs) including creation, redemption, tracking and excluded asset baskets, with a primary focus on the correct representation of a highly disparate data set. The central tenet of the service is to research and deliver new ETF data on the first day of product listing, across all ETFs irrespective of asset class or listings whilst delivering the data more accurately and faster than any other source.

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management

ETF STREAM service provides a robust and accurate source of exchange traded fund flow performance data historically and on a daily basis. The content encompasses components of our ETF GEN reference data offering (used to accurate identify instrument relationships) combined with ETF daily composition data such as NAV and NOSH (drawn from the ETF EDGE service). Historic coverage is available on request and enables the client to build performance metrics across product groups.

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management

ETF GEN delivers the most efficient reference data structure for exchange traded products available in the market today. ULTUMUS is working in partnership with ETF providers ensuring format and structure meets approval and promotes adoption industry-wide. The structure for ETPs is the first to accurately represent the products at each hierarchical level (provider, umbrella, fund, sub-fund & share class and multiple listings) with standard industry identifiers and accurate capture of fees.

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management

INDEX EDGE provides a single source of data for global benchmarks from MSCI, S&P, FTSE to individual niche players – all data is validated, cross referenced with required security identifiers with: open, close, T+ and rebalance positions available, ULTUMUS works with clients and index providers to facilitate any changes undertaken during the trading day, to ensure that shares outstanding and free-floats can be tracked continuously alongside a consistent drive for data enhancement and swift delivery across the market.

ULTUMUS - Financial Data Management

BASKET EDGE provides a real-time, independently calculated composition data for custom baskets. The service is operated directly by the client via a user interface allowing the immediate updates to baskets and instantaneous publication through the service into the client's platform to ensure accuracy. Controls and independent validation are provided to manage updates and highlight anomalies on corporate events. All changes are fully transparent via a client workflow tool for validation and override.


ULTUMUS Status Report

Status update on information flow.


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