ETF Distribution Cost to Increase

As the industry moves towards passive investment, the distribution platforms are looking for ways to offset the reduction in fees, this could have a big impact on the range of ETFs and the fees that they will be able to charge going forward. Morgan Stanley to charge ETF issuers

ULTUMUS adds the Legal Entity Identifier

ULTUMUS, has now added an additional identifier of the LEI, to their database. This will more accurately allow clients to evaluate risk across multiple asset classes, improve operational efficiency & simplified regulatory reporting: The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-digit, alpha-numeric code based on the ISO 17442 standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It connects to …

ULTUMUS adds the Reuters PERMID

ULTUMUS has added the Thomson Reuters Permid into the feed for the identification of data.PermIDs are open, permanent and universal identifiers where underlying attributes capture the context of the identity they each represent.

FactEntry Support Partner

ULTUMUS is pleased to announce that it has agreed a partnership deal with FactEntry, to collate and organise ETF reference data.  This will allow ULTUMUS to rapidly expand its ETF offering within this space. Sandeep Dhingra, CEO of FactEntry stated “This relationship between ULTUMUS and FactEntry allows us to build upon the expertise of both parties, FactEntry brings data processing …

Bloomberg Exchange Code to MIC mapping

The attached file is provided by Bloomberg on their OpenFIGI site, however due to its potential, we wanted to ensure that the data provided by Bloomberg is given as much visibility as possible. bloomberg-exchange-code-to-mic-mapping

ULTUMUS joins OPENFUNDS initiative

ULTUMUS is glad to announce it has joined the OPENFUNDS Initiative to promote the use of a standard structure to disseminate ETF data: The openfunds initiative provides an open, extensible and cost-free standard for disposal to allow an automated transfer and validation of fund data. In the end the openfunds initiative aims to improve quality and efficiency in the dissemination …