ETF Securities is listing an ETF that tracks a niche index of mega-growth tech companies, the ETFS FANG+ ETF (FANG).

BNY Mellon ETFs

BNY Mellon’s long-awaited ETF businesses is going live next week, with its first eight ETFs set to begin trading on the NYSE on Wednesday.

VanEck Emerging Markets

Australia VanEck lists actively managed emerging market bond ETF VanEck Australia is listing an actively managed emerging market bond ETF. The VanEck Emerging Income Opportunities Active ETF (EBND) will pick emerging market debts and will target a yield of 5%. EBND will be similar to an American mutual fund managed by VanEck’s team in New York. However EBND will be Australia domiciled, so …

Canadian Core War

Canada Canadian core war on the Horizon Horizons ETF, a subsidiary of Koean fund giant Mirae Asset, is listing three new ETFs that give Canadians easy cheap ways to buy US shares, Canadian shares and cash. Horizons Cash Maximizer ETF (HSAV) Horizons US Large Cap Index ETF (HULC) Horizons S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF (HXCN) HSAV will invest in term …

Merger Arbitrage

The First Trust Merger Arbitrage ETF (MARB) will be actively managed and exploit the differences between companies’ share prices when mergers and acquisitions are announced

China Clean Energy

The Global X China Clean Energy ETF (2809) will invest in Chinese companies helping to combat global warming, by producing renewable energy.