ETF Glossary / Terminology

ETFs by their very nature are designed to be simple, transparent and tradeable, unfortunately due to our industry’s appetite for complexity and TLA (three letter acronyms), we have muddied the waters. This document is designed to try and provide a description of the various names now used across the industry.

Release Note – 78

All this is the release note for the new improvements that where released to the platform yesterday Thursday the 22nd of October

China Tech

ETF of ETFs and China Tech

ETF newcomer Euclid has launched an actively managed ETF that aims to beat the S&P 500 with market timing.
HSBC has launched Europe’s first Chinese tech ETF. The HSBC Hang Seng TECH UCITS ETF (HSTC) buys 30 tech companies listed in Hong Kong based on market capitalisation.