Augmented Defiance


Defiance ETFs, it has taken a bit of time to write this note as I have been able to identify very few details on this new ETF issuer, not even a website. Headed up by Mathew Bielski, ex Direxion, Defiance ETFs seems to be carving itself a niche of focussing on thematic ETFs in the next generation technology, they have filings to launch products on  Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing and Vehicle ETFs.

They have just launched their first ETF The Defiance Augmented and Virtual ETF (AUGR) based upon the Bluestar Augmented and Virtual Reality index, again this is an index provider that I was not aware of, the website is available here: ( it looks as though their next two ETFs will be based upon Bluestar Indices as well )

This ETF is a passive tracker of an index that is equal weighted, of globally-listed stocks of companies engaged in the R&D or commercialization of products and services related to augmented and virtual reality within one of the following categories: video games or video game systems; graphic processing units and sensors for depth perception or touch detection; headsets and displays, including holographic displays; or software and application development platforms.

The top stocks by weight within the index are:


This is obviously becoming a competitive market for ETFs, next generation technology, across robotics / automation/ vehicles / blockchain and quantum computing, nobody yet has a fully compelling range of products but it looks as though this provider has a distinct focus and will be interesting to see what they come up with next. We will try and follow up directly with the provider, to find out more about them.