Janus Henderson

Australia Expands


Actively managed bonds

Janus Henderson is listing an ETF version of its $3.3 billion actively managed income fund. Janus Henderson Tactical Income Active ETF (TACT) will move in and out of cash, investment grade bonds and junk bonds – depending on the portfolio managers’ reading on the market. 

The fund can invest in bonds from anywhere around the world. Besides this, not much else is revealed about its trading strategy. According to Morningstar, the fund has underperformed its benchmark (surprise, surprise). 

TACT charges 0.45%. 

BetaShares currency hedges

BetaShares, Australia’s second largest ETF provider, renowned for its aggressive product listing strategy, had added two more ETFs onto the Australian Securities Exchange. 

BetaShares NASDAQ 100 ETF (HNDQ) 

BetaShares Global Sustainability Leaders ETF (HETH)

Both provide currency hedged versions of existing ETFs. Currency hedging has proved popular with Australian investors in recent months thanks to the rising Aussie dollar. 

BetaShares now has more than 60 ETFs – meaning it provides more ETFs than Vanguard and BlackRock combined. 

HNDQ charges 0.51%. HETH charges 0.62%.