China comes back to life


China ETFs are starting to list again

China’s ETF market – which has seen relatively few listings this year – is revving back to life. Two new ETFs are coming on exchange that look a lot like sector trackers, but with a twist.  

Hutai-PB list science sector ETF

Hutai-Pinebridge, one of China’s larger and ETF providers, is adding another sector-based ETF to the Shanghai Exchange. The Hutai-PineBridge CSI Science and Technology 100 ETF (515580) will track a CSI index of 100 science and technology companies. 

Beyond this we cannot get much more information on the product, due to language barriers. (Our phone calls and emails to the exchange and fund manager got nowhere).

Hutai-PB is one of the more successful Chinese ETF providers. Below is its product suite, with AUM in US dollars.

Fund NameSSE TickerAUM ($M USD)
Huatai-PB CSI 300 ETF5103004664
Huatai-PB SSE Dividend Index ETF510880367
Huatai-PB Listed Money Market Fund-A511830163
Huatai-PB CSI 500 ETF51251090
Huatai-PB MSCI China A Inclusion Index ETF51252061
Huatai-PB CSI Dividend Low Volatility ETF51289038
Huatai-PB SSE Mid-Small Cap ETF51022018

…and ChinaAMC lists investment banking ETF

ChinaAMC, one of China’s largest fund managers, is offering an ETF that tracks Chinese investment banks and brokers. The ChinaAMC CSI All Share Securities Companies ETF (515010) is just a copycat of a fund from GuoTai, which tracks the same index and has raked in over US$1bn.