Chinese Tesla

Chinese Tesla


More Chinese electric car ETFs

ChinaAMC, one of China’s biggest ETF providers, is jumping on the china electric cars bandwagon and listing a new ETF that tracks the Teslas of China.

The ChinaAMC CSI New Energy Automobile ETF (515030) will track the CSI New Energy Vehicle Index, which is composed of A-Shares that are involved in making electric cars, vans and buses. This mostly includes car manufacturers but also companies that help build self-driving software and provide the capital inputs.

It is the third index fund in China to track this exact index, and the returns show why. The index has thrown off a massive 45% return the past year. However it did the same in 2015, and then proceeded to bomb -70%.

The fund charges 0.50%.


National Bank of Canada lists five new ETFs

Montreal-based National Bank of Canada, the country’s sixth largest bank, is listing a suite of ETFs that offer a broad sweep of exposures.

Exchange-Traded FundTicker Symbol (TSX)Sub-advised or managed byManagement Fee
NBI Sustainable Canadian Bond ETFNSCBAlphaFixe Capital Inc.0.55%
NBI Sustainable Canadian Equity ETFNSCEFiera Capital Corporation0.60%
NBI Sustainable Global Equity ETFNSGEAllianceBernstein Canada, Inc.0.65%
NBI High Yield Bond ETFNHYBJ.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc.0.60%
NBI Global Private Equity ETFNGPENational Bank Trust Inc.0.55%

With the exception of NGPE, all of the ETFs are advised or managed by another company.

NGPE tracks an index from Morningstar of publicly listed private equity companies.

NHYB is actively managed and buys high-yield debt securities of developed market issuers.

The sustainable funds buy bonds and shares deemed to be sufficiently ethical by the fund’s subadvisors.