ETF Edge

Our invitation to demo and trial ETF Edge, the leading Global ETF data management service from ULTUMUS

We’re delighted to announce the latest production release of ETF Edge, our leading Global ETF data management service, providing a single web-based data feed and front-end solution to manage global ETFs, including new Global ETF launches, listings and corporate actions.
What the market has been waiting for
Buy and sell-side ETF players have been looking for a flexible, accurate and cost-effective solution to manage ETF compositions and reference data for trading, risk and performance. We have responded by significantly upgrading our managed data service for ETFs, which integrates seamlessly with our wider index management and dividend forecasting offerings.

ETF Edge has been developed in partnership with ETF trading desks and asset management firms and is updated intra-day, raising the bar by monitoring new Global ETF product launches and listings from the world’s leading ETF Issuers.
Why choose ETF Edge?
The ETF Edge service is optimized for ETF trading desks, market makers, authorized participants, asset managers, risk and performance teams – in fact, anyone that needs to manage the large volume and evolving nature of ETF data from issuers.

We’re confident that at ULTUMUS we provide customers with the highest quality, timely ETF and Index composition data with the best client support in the marketplace. And we’d like to prove it to you – now for more information and details on how to demo and trial ETF Edge.