Feminist Canadian ETF – Ahoy Me Hearties

19th of September is International Talk like a Pirate day!!!

Canada gets feminist and anti-hacker ETFs

It’s a big day of listings in Canada, the biggest we’ve seen at the Daily ETF Monitor in some months.


Canadian issuer Evolve is bringing gender diversity (HERS) and cyber security ETFs (CYBR) to the land of moose and maple syrup.


CYBR will track a Solactive index of cyber security. HERS will track companies that have “demonstrated a commitment to gender diversity as part of their corporate responsibility strategy,” says the index factsheet. Both ETFs charge 0.55%.


Cyber security and gender diversity ETFs already exist in the US and Japan. In a result that may disappoint but not surprise feminists, cyber security ETFs have proved the more popular of the two. HACK, the American cyber security tracker by ETF Managers Group, has collected more than $1.1bn since its launch in 2015. SHE has collected $338 million.


Toronto-based First Asset is listing a new actively managed ETF, the First Asset Cambridge Global Dividend ETF (FCW). As its name suggests, FCW will invest in companies that pay bigger dividends or are likely to in the future. There is little information about FCW at present, except that it will be managed by Cambridge Global, a division of CI Investments. Bloomberg says FCW will charge 0.00%, which I suspect is wrong.



A truly global ETF

Virtus ETF solutions has listed a new actively managed ETF on NYSE that will try to beat global equity markets while managing risk. The Global Factor Opportunities ETF (VGFO) will invest in companies from at least three different countries at once (including the US) and chose the least risky company when all other things are equal.


Beyond risk adjustment, how VGFO will select stocks and countries is only vaguely described in the prospectus. It says that VGFO’s advisers will use factors, as well as mean reversion and trend following.



Another new leveraged oil ETN

Korea has many leveraged oil ETNs, but Samsung is set to list another. The Samsung Inverse 2X WTI Crude Oil Futures ETN (530036) will give double the inverse performance of the spot price of WTI crude oil and further enable speculators to gamble on oil prices. 530036 will track an index by Dow Jones.