Global ETF Flow Report – 23th Nov 2020

Bitcoin and Commodities

Largest NAV change over previous week:

Obviously a good week for Bitcoin, but commodities seem to have done well with Cocoa and Rhodium all increasing by over 10%. However what is interesting is that the oil services sector also grew by 10% but the natural gas sector shrank by 10% ( see image below)

US Flows

The US seemed to have a good week , specifically Vanguard with over $6BN worth of inflows

Europe Flows

Xtrackers seems to have beaten ishares slightly last week with inflows of over $1BN, the Lyxor outflow we have a query raised with Lyxor as there MSCI WRLD product seems to have dropped the Shares outstanding down to 1, (if we hear back we will update this note)

European flows per shareclass

The below is one of the new reports we are generating which shows the flows per shareclass, any