Global ETF Monitor – 20170418

Still quiet after the break, A couple of updates predominantly based in the US, we are now breaking these updates down by region following on from a client request:


BNP has launched a rolling Petroleum ETF on Frankfurt:  DE000PB6BEN9

Commerz has launched two -4x short products on DJIA and NDX on Stuttgart, X0DK, X0DT

North America:

Victory Capital has expanded its ETF line and changed its etf branding to Victory Shares ( from Compass EMP) with the launch of the dividend accelerator fund US92647N6673, interesting fund that is based around the concept of future dividend payments, rather than historical.

PIMCO has completely delisted Global Advantage Active ETF & Diversified Income Active ETF and they are changing the strategy behind their BOND and LDUR actively managed ETFs.

State Street has changed the Trustee for SPY and DIA from State Street Bank and Trust Company, to State Street Global Advisors Trust Company. 

Manulife has launched a range of  7 multifactor ETF on Canadian, Developed and US stocks, with indices designed by Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Ishares has cross listed more of their ETFs into Mexico, DE000PB6BEN9, IE00BQN1K901, US46434V2741, US46434V2824


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