Global ETF Monitor – 20170524


Lyxor has launched a new ETF in Italy focussed on large and Mid cap companies, focussed on the new Italian tax exemptions for individuals (PIR): ITAPIR

Powershares has launched a new S&P 500 QVM ETF listed in London & Paris  PQVM PQVG

UBS is due to launch two new versions of the Bloomberg Constant Maturity Index ETF in Germany next month: BCFE , BCFU


Lots of smaller players in the ETF market expanding their range, with interesting divergence from the standard benchmarks.

Amplify ETFs is expanding their ETF range, yet again to launch an OIL hedged MLP income ETF, AMLX ( predomiantly invested in MLPs whilst shorting oil futures)

Cambria Funds has launched a new ETF Core Equity, benchmarked to the S&P 500, but with a focus on dividend paying stocks, the fund will sell call options on ETFS to minimise  volatility.

Clearbridge has expanded their ETF range with two new ETF launches, Large Cap Growth ESG & Dividend Strategy ESG, LRGE & YLDE