Global ETF Monitor – 20170714


Seems as though everything is about Switzerland today in Europe.


Three new ishares cross listings into Berlin with a Swiss twist, there is the obvious SMI (XMT) focussed on the top twenty stocks by market capitalisation in Switzerland, they have also listed the SMIM (XMTN) comprises the 30 largest mid-cap stocks in the Swiss equity market that are not included in the blue chip SMI index. Then there is the SBI index (XMTH) based on the Swiss Bond Index Domestic Government 7-15 Index.


Continuing the Swiss theme, GAM has cross listed its physical Silver ETF into Berlin focussed on 1000 ounce bars stored in Switzerland. Now i have mentioned Switzerland and bars I am craving a toblerone.



Two new oil ETFs been launched in the US today, by the United States Oil Fund, a 3x leveraged and short version (USOD) & (USOU). These fit in a nice gap in the market given the closure of the three time leverage and short oil funds from Velocity and more importantly as this is a commodity pool this will be overseen by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and not the SEC.