Global ETF Monitor – 20170724

Anticipating August being a quiet month, but we will try and keep the snail facts to a minimum, for instance did you know that snails could have either lungs or gills depending upon their species.

Commodities specialist ETF Securities has cross-listed two All Commodities ETFs into Germany. BCOM tracks a basket of 22 commodities – which is largely made up of metals and oil-related products. ETLE tracks a similar basket, but uses longer dated contracts and removes livestock and agriculture from the basket.

UBS has cross-listed an interest rate hedged corporate bond ETF into Italy (CBUSIH) and London (CUIH).  The ETFs track the debt of major American corporates, with an eye to liquidity. Companies include Anheuser Busch, AT&T and Apple. CBUSIH and CUIH hedge for interest rate movements by using US Treasury bond futures.

CORRECTION: Last Thursday’s Daily Monitor incorrectly stated that db x-trackers had re-listed their MSCI World Index tracker in pounds sterling (XDWG) in Frankfurt. The email should have stated that db x-trackers have a GBP hedged version of this product pending listing on the London Stock Exchange (XDWG, IE00BZ1BS790).