Global ETF Monitor – 20170731


South Korean issuer NH Investment & Securities will be listing a new American IT tracker in South Korea (550041). At present, there is little English language material available on 550041. What is available suggests it will track American tech giants through a Singaporean index, the SGX U.S. Technology Enterprises Index. 550041 will charge 1.20%.

Taishin Securities, the ETF arm of the Taiwanese banking major Taishin International Bank, will be listing three new ETFs in Taipai in August – one plain vanilla and two leveraged. 00703 is the plain vanilla product and will track the MSCI China Index without frills or quirks.
00704L, by contrast, will track the MSCI Taiwan Index, but magnify the upsides and downsides with 2x daily leverage. Lastly, 00705R will similarly gun after the MSCI Taiwan Index, but give the inverse. All three ETFs are the first to track their respective indexes in Taiwan.


iShares is listing a Euro denominated version of its US floating rate bond ETF in London (FLOE). FLOE will track investment-grade floating rate bonds issued by US, Canadian and Australian businesses. The floating rate means that interest payments adjust to reflect changes in interest rates. iShares is marketing FLOE as a tool for managing interest rate risk.

iShares will also be listing a new variant of their global corporate bond ETF (CRPU) in London in the coming weeks. While there is little public information available at present, we assume that CRPU will be a currency-hedged version of COPR.