Global ETF Monitor 20180804

Middle East

It’s been some months since the Middle East got new ETFs. Today there are two – both in Israel.

Israel’s largest issuer KSM has listed two new Index Linked Certificates – Israel’s equivalent of ETFs (KSM6, KSMM205). Sadly, there is no English language material on the new listings and I do not speak Hebrew. Google Translate says the new KSMM205 will track the “MSCI World Magic Index”. I suspect the translation is wrong.


Korea’s ETF market grows larger every day.

Daishin Securities has listed two new industrial metals trackers in Korea, in a sign that Korean issuers are increasingly embracing commodity ETFs. 510003 will track Nickel through the S&P GSCI Nickel TR Index. 510002 will track Zinc through the S&P GSCI Zinc TR Index.

Korea’s oldest bank, Shinhan Bank, has listed two new leveraged inverse ETFs for those who like to take a punt. 500027 will hope for tanking oil prices and tracks the DJCI 2X Inverse Crude Oil Index, giving double inverse exposure to oil futures. 500028 will hope for a failing Dow Jones Industrial Average, and will track the DJIA Futures 2X Inverse Daily Index TR.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, major Chinese investment house E Fund has teamed up with Taiwanese issuer Yuanta to list a 2x leveraged ETF on the Hang Seng Index (7242), which lists the biggest H shares.