Gold Bond and Leverage


GraniteShares has listed a new physically backed gold ETF in the US, the GraniteShares Gold Trust (BAR). Like most physical ETCs, BAR will be backed by bullion held in vaults. The bullion will be deliverable on request.

Principal Global Investors is listing a new ETF on Bats, The Principal Morley Short Duration Index ETF (MLD). MLD will invest in investment-grade short-term debts issued in the US. According to the prospectus, debts include: 70% asset-backed securities and 30% commercial mortgage-backed securities.

Goldman Sachs is listing a new ETF that tracks high yield corporate bonds. GHYB tracks an index of North American corporate bonds with at least one year to maturity and rated BB+ by S&P. GHYB is part of Goldman’s ‘Access’ series – a marketing term used for Goldman’s more sophisticated bond ETFs.



Koomkin Bank’s ETF issuer KBSTAR has listed another leveraged ETF today, this time giving twice the daily percentage change in the KOSDAQ 150 Futures Index (278240). KOSDAQ was founded as a Korean counterpart to NASDAQ, and the KOSDAQ 150 tracks major Korean businesses while putting a heavier emphasis on technology companies.

Corporate actions:

iShares has changed the indexes on its Canada, Netherland, and South Africa ETFs. According to its press release, iShares will now use capped benchmarks because they reduce tracking error in the funds. More details available here:

State Street has changed the index of its Technology ETF from the Morgan Stanley Technology Index to the NYSE Technology Index. The ticker will also be changed from MTK to XNTK. More details available here: