Mothers and Future Thematics



Simplex Asset Mangement ETFs launch a TSE mothers ETF ( 2516) On Japan


Samsung has launched  an number of Puts and Calls on the Kosdaq150 in Korea

530045, 530044, 50043, 530042, 530041 45 and 44 are PUTS with the others being CALLS


ZhongOu Hengli 3-year Regular Mixed Equity Investment Fund has launched on Shenzen, I can find no details oin this fund. (166024)




ETF Securities Canvas platform is launching three more of its future thematic ETFs in Germany, the three funds are:


ETFS Battery Value Chain ETF

ETFS Ecommerce Logistics ETF          ETLH

ETFS Pharma Breakthrough ETF        ETLI


I currently cannot find any information on benchmark or replication, but obviously ETFS is building upon the success of their ROBO and Cyber Security Products.