Release Note – 78

Release note for the new improvements that were released to the platform on Friday the 15th of January, if you have any questions or clarifications do not hesitate to contact us:

API Feed:

  • New Solactive Indices released to the feed – SOLHERO & SOLDOC
  • New api documentation released available here
  • Markit Indices added to feed
  • Altered Nasdaq div reinvestment to correct provider data
  • Ishares Fixed Income PCF scaled at tracking and creation unit size
  • Ishares CCY FWDS decremented from current cash position
  • Bovespa index automated processing released
  • HANWHA ETFS added to feed
  • BMO ETN GDXD GDXU added to feed
  • Forecast DIP feed generation made available
  • Replication SLA implemented on S3 buckets to ensure consistency

Upcoming Release 79 – planned upgrades

API Feed / Data

  • JPM fixed income Indices added to feed
  • FX forward enriched in SPDR baskets
  • KRX index changes being deployed
  • Zero value stocks fix for weight calculation
  • Constituent pool update improvements for ETFs