RYZZ Manages the Future


RYZZ manages the future

RYZZ Capital management and ETF Series Solutions are teaming up to list a new hedge fund-style managed futures ETF. TheRYZZ Managed Futures Strategy Plus ETF(RYZZ) will be actively managed. It will aim to provide positive returns in all markets and provide investors with uncorrelated alpha.

The fund can invest in any asset class – cash, bonds, forex, equities, commodities – and in any proportion. In making asset allocations, the fund will use proprietary quantitative trading strategies. The fund’s advisor imagines that most of the time the fund will mostly be invested in futures.

Beyond these narrow gleanings not much else is given away in the prospectus.

Analysis – get a benchmark

Absolute return and managed futures strategies strike me as a slight indulgence. If you are an asset manager there should be a benchmark or some other way of assessing whether you’re performing and whether you’re justified in charging the fees that you are.

The listings history in this niche suggests that investors have mostly agree with this sentiment. This strategy has seen more liquidations than almost any other.

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