Shipping ETF



This is a new one on me, this ETF is designed to measure the charter rate for shipping dry bulk freight in a specific size category of cargo ship – Capesize, Panamax or Supramax.

The wikipedia article for explaining these sizes is available here:

The Breakwave advisors has launched this via ETF Managers Commodity Trust, the DRY BULK Shipping ETF (BDRY). This is an interesting ETF in the fact that it seems to be following its own index methodology ( a very simple methodology), when it is actually following a blend of three separate Indices

  • Capesize 5TC index 50% exposure
  • Panamax 4TC index 40% exposure
  • Supramax 6TC index 10% exposure

This ETF seems to be rolling its positions on a weekly basis.




Powershares EM Bond ETF and Corporate Bond ETF have been cross listed into Germany  EMSB EMSD