ULTUMUS and Horizon Software Announce ETF Data and Trading Technology Alliance

Paris and London, June 2017 – ULTUMUS the industry leading ETF data provider and Horizon, leading provider of automated trading systems, today announced a partnership that enhances and enables the pricing, sourcing and trading of global exchange traded funds (ETFs) via the Horizon platform. The partnership combines the strengths of Horizon Software next generation trading system with ULTUMUS’ complete ETF reference and composition managed data service for global ETF data. The result is a single point for analyzing and implementing ETF trades, allowing market makers and traders to quote and hedge trades based to more accuracy available previously.

This initiative should accelerate the adoption of electronic processing solutions across the rapidly growing ETF trading market that is now significantly slowed due to inefficiencies.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Horizon Software to provide a turn-key data and technology solution for the trading of ETFs” said Bernie Thurston, CEO ULTUMUS. “This partnership allows us to provide our industry leading data service to a wider audience and provides the most complete reference ETF reference data and enhanced composition service available today”

“By combining the individual strengths of Horizons’ trading technology and the focus on accuracy and performance that ULTUMUS brings in the ETF data space, we are taking a major step forward in addressing the calls from our customers for a fully-integrated solution for ETF quoting and hedging. said, Sylvain Thieullent CEO Horizon.


ULTUMUS capture, normalise and distribute ‘near real time’ global daily ETF and INDEX composition data across the market today – reducing risk and offering key uplift in performance, flexibility and accuracy. www.ultumus.com

Horizon Software

Horizon Software provides the next-generation trading system that puts the power in the hands of the trader. Horizon software delivers an open, solid and fast core platform complemented by a rich set of trading apps. Horizon Software supports premier trading and market making institutions in Europe North America and Asia,