The ULTUMUS Green Book was the result of systematic study of Exchange Traded Funds conducted by ULTUMUS in conjunction with etfinfo. ULTUMUS reviewed over two thousand prospectuses and three thousand KIIDS whilst creating the Green Book,the first recent study of its kind. The Green Book models the ETF universe from the ground up rather than being modelled on listing data.

Project Green Book had two goals:

  1. To determine the exact structure and hierarchy of ETF issuance within Europe
  2. To create a definitive universe of European domiciled ETF (including ETC and ETN).

Thousands of prospectuses were collected, analysed and filed. As the result the ETF Green Book, is now available to ULTUMUS clients as a data feed and excel reports that they can use to generate reports that suit them.

This data is also available on a daily basis enhanced with AUM, NAV and Shares outstanding.


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