ULTUMUS Launch Dividend Edge – Dividend Forecasts

Dividend Edge

Ultumus is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Dividend Edge, an additional component of our data offering sitting alongside our market-leading ETF Edge and Index Edge daily composition service.

Dividend Edge forecasts out to two years for 12,000 securities globally, including a five-year comprehensive history.

Forecasts are updated throughout the day in near real-time reacting to corporate announcements and broader market considerations to provide timely and accurate data.

Dividend Edge provides forecasts and announced information including dividend amounts and type and with all key dates such as financial year, declaration date, ex-date, record date and pay date. Further specifics including multiple currency announcements, FX rates, PID and non-PID amount, stock-split ratios and scrip dividends.

The two-step process uses an algorithm incorporating multiple data sources to project future dividend values and dates, backed up by an experienced analyst team which augments and enhances these calculations, adding their own research insights to check and refine the output projections.

Dividend Edge data is integrated directly into the Index and ETF data feed and as a standalone module.

Dividend Edge will be fully released Q1 2018 and is currently available as a closed private beta –  please contact us at info@www.ultumus.com to find out more.