ULTUMUS partners with Velox

ULTUMUS Announces Partnership With Velox To Develop Next Generation of Delta One Desktop Products

ULTUMUS, the leading global provider of data services for Index and ETF products, today announces a partnership with Velox Financial Technology (Velox), a provider of customized real-time trading technology solutions to provide portfolio management, trading & analytics solutions to investment banks and the asset management community.

Due to the rapid expansion of synthetic products such as ETFs and Indices, our clients find themselves significantly under invested in technology that will allow their businesses to scale while providing efficiency and lower operational risk.

Together ULTUMUS and Velox have developed the next generation of desktop data solutions, that by seamlessly integrating data and workflow, provide complete business solutions allowing our clients to focus on executing business decisions, instead of wrangling the underlying data.

Leveraging new technologies and approaches, Bernie Thurston, CEO, ULTUMUS said: “We are pleased to be partnering with Velox to provide our market leading Index and ETF data service. This partnership allows us to provide our service to a client as both an enterprise wide-managed data feed and now direct to trading desks, risk and performance attribution teams with all the associated tools. We now offer a solution that satisfies front to back office, buy and sell side.

“Using Velox’s cutting-edge trading technology framework, our solutions work either in the cloud or as local install, they are scalable, resilient and very flexible, allowing tailored solutions that integrate with existing desktop products.”

Jon Butler, CEO, Velox said: “The demand for efficiency and operational risk reduction has never been higher. Investment banks have done a great job solving the big problems with tech investment, but it naturally leaves a growing number of smaller problems that desks have had to solve manually, with spreadsheets and other RAD tools. These add up and we are delighted to be able to provide desks with an efficient solution that provides accuracy and improves efficiency.”